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Are Shared-Nothing SQL Database Clusters Right for Your Business?

Learn the advantages and shortcomings of shared-nothing SQL database clusters and how to determine the best clustering approach for your needs.

Read the entire article here. [DataInformed, August 13, 2014]

Open Source Looks for Real Time Replication

IT teams need to replicate transactions from databases such as MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle® to Hadoop in real-time, in order to produce carbon-copy tables and enable the execution of analytic views in Hadoop within multiple environments including Hive.  By automatically reading the DBMS and forwarding transactions as soon as they commit, organizations can reduce the load on operational systems, minimize the amount of data that needs to move between locations, and enable transactions to quickly enter the data warehouse.

When using real time replication in conjunction with Apache Sqoop, businesses can provision information and then replicate transactions incrementally in real-time.  This provides continuous data loading so existing data and changes can easily be applied into Hadoop.  Real-time replication from operational databases into Hadoop is a technology worth watching, as it will prove to be big move for the MySQL community.

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Making Real-Time Analytics a Reality

In-memory analytics processing and access to live data is finally achievable and will make active live analytics a real possibility, and that opens up a new area of information processing and exchange.

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Continuent named to the DBTA 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data

In this issue, Database Trends and Applications magazine introduces the second annual "DBTA 100" list of companies that matter most in data. With organizations increasingly seeking to become data-driven entities—companies that actually use the data they are amassing for competitive advantage—DBTA set out to recognize innovative providers of hardware, software, and services. Listed here and on the following pages, the 100 companies that matter in data comprises both seasoned veterans and disruptive new vendors.

Read the entire article here. [Database Trends and Applications, June 2, 2014]

Continuent Expands Tungsten Replicator Certifications

Continuent, Inc., a provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions, announced that the latest release of Tungsten Replicator, version 3.0, has been certified by Cloudera. Tungsten Replicator 3.0 enables organizations to replicate transactions from operational database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB and Oracle to Cloudera Enterprise 5 in real-time.

Continuent says this latest certification on Cloudera Enterprise 5 assures customers that moving the data into Cloudera does not affect the operational capability or stability of operational database systems or Cloudera environments, which it says is critical for customers to be able to trust the quality of the data and the replication process itself.

Database Trends and Applications [May 12, 2014]