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MySQL and Oracle into Hadoop

The notion of a database silo - that is, a single database that contains everything and operates in isolation - is a rapidly fading concept in most companies. Many use multiple databases to take advantage of the different range of functionality, from their transactional store, to caching and session stores using NoSQL and, more recently, the transfer of information into analytical stores such as Hadoop.

This raises a problem when it comes to moving the data about. There are many different solutions available if all you want to do is move some data between systems through import and export. These are clumsy solutions, they can be scripted, but more usually you want to provide a regular stream of changes into Hadoop so that you can process and analyze the data as quickly as possible. In this article, we'll examine the traditional dump and load solutions and look at a solution that enables real-time replication of data from MySQL and Oracle into Hadoop.

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Acquisition of Continuent to Fuels VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Intentions

VMware, a cloud and virtualization software provider, has announced the acquisition of assets of database clustering and replication outfit, Continuent where the latter's team will join VMware's Hybrid Cloud Business Unit. Ajay Patel, Vice President of Application-as-a-Service at VMware explains that combine wants, "to enhance Continuent's technology, integrating it within VMware vCloud Air our hybrid cloud service. We will also investigate expanding the integration to VMware's core Software-Defined Data Center products. These new VMware services and product capabilities will enhance our customers' ability to provide high availability, scale, and reliability for their relational databases and dependent applications."

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VMware Acquires Database Vendor Continuent To Give Its Hybrid Cloud A Boost

VMware said Wednesday it has acquired the assets of Continuent, a database clustering and replication vendor, and plans to integrate the technology with its vCloud Air public cloud. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed. Continuent, of San Jose, Calif., has raised $5.8 million in funding since its founding in 2004. Continuent's advanced clustering and replication technology can be used for "high availability, disaster recovery, multi-master operation and real-time data warehouse loading to MySQL," Ajay Patel, vice president of hybrid cloud application services at VMware, said in a blog post Wednesday.

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VMware database management bolsters vCloud Air

VMware continues its hybrid cloud push with the acquisition of Continuent, a provider of database replication and clustering.

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VMware Acquires Continuent

VMware has acquired the assets of Continuent, and the Continuent team is joining VMware's Hybrid Cloud Business Unit. The news was announced in a VMware blog by the vCloud Team. Continuent is a provider of open source database clustering and replication solutions. The Continuent team joins VMware's Hybrid Cloud Business Unit.

Read the entire article here. [Database Trends and Applications, October 29, 2014]