Continuent Announces Tungsten 1.5

Continuent, Inc., a provider of replication and clustering solutions for MySQL and Oracle, has introduced Continuent Tungsten 1.5 to help manage increasing data volume, complexity, speed, and concurrency in the cloud or on-premise. "Continuent Tungsten consolidates geo-clustering, archive, backup and disaster recovery through seamless integration with the cloud," says Robert Hodges, CEO at Continuent. "By combining multi-master, multi-site clustering with Amazon EC2, Tungsten enables new levels of speed, simplicity and reliability for database clustering, backup and recovery while reducing costs."

According to Continuent, Tungsten supports multi-master, multi-site MySQL database clusters by offering the ability to:

  • Set up Tungsten clusters in the Amazon cloud with a single deployment command using your existing MySQL build
  • Build disaster recovery sites that can be promoted to full operation with a single commandLink clusters across Amazon regions using advanced multi-master topologies such as hub-and-spoke replication
  • Replicate data from Oracle to MySQL, or from MySQL to Oracle.

Database Trends and Applications [4/12/12]