Introducing Tungsten On-Disk Queues for Parallel Replication

Tungsten Replicator has offered shard-based parallel replication to slaves since late 2010.  The initial implementation uses in-memory queues.  Working purely in memory keeps

Learn How Tungsten Speeds Up The Development And Performance Of Thomson Reuters EndNote Webs Dynamic Database-driven Application And Web Services

Continuent is hosting a technical introductory webcast highlighting the new features and functionality of Tungsten Enterprise Summer '11 Edition on Thursday, June 30th at 10 am PT. Robert Hodges, CEO and Edward Archibald, CTO at Continuent, will be joined by Gandalf Sollenberger, Manager of Web Software Development at Thomson Reuters to speak

Webinar 6/30 Introduction to Tungsten Enterprise Summer 11 Edition

Join our webinar as we introduce Tungsten Enterprise Summer '11 Edition with improved usability, performance and ease of management for MySQL and PostgreSQL clusters.Tungsten Enterprise is a complete replication and data management solution for MySQL and PostgreSQL. The latest Tungsten Enterprise edition is designed to simplify the management of,

Getting Started with Tungsten Replicator - New On-Demand Webcast

Tungsten Replicator is a powerful replication tool, designed to replace and enhance MySQL native replication. In addition to moving data between MySQL servers, Tungsten Replicator also provides more powerful features, such as centralized replication administration tools, global transaction IDs, multiple masters, parallel replication. With such

Fault Tolerant MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases with Tungsten - New On-Demand Webcast

Databases are the heart of applications. It is a disaster when a problem takes down the database, as your applications can no longer function. Continuent's Tungsten Enterprise gives you advanced technology to make open source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL fault tolerant against a wide range of common failures.In this webinar we cover the