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Solutions: Clustering

Continuent Tungsten clusters keep data available to applications 7x24 through hardware failures, maintenance, and software upgrades. It ensures business continuity and performance by keeping up-to-date data closer to the user, and increases application throughput and improves response time by load balancing SQL transactions across replicas.

The clustering by Continuent Tungsten provides high availability and disaster recovery, whereas Tungsten Replicator transfers events from one server to another. For full comparison, see Feature Matrix.

High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), and Continuous Operations

  • Continuent Tungsten handles data access from existing applications transparently for various cluster configurations, and maintains continuous connectivity during database maintenance or failover
  • Continuent Tungsten provides automatic failover that can replace a failed local master within seconds
  • Continuent Tungsten manages seamless integration of failed nodes when corrected and available
  • Continuent Tungsten protects against a site failure with easy-to-manage DR configuration and failover capabilities
  • Continuent Tungsten offers a true multi-master distributed solution supporting clusters across multiple data centers or cloud-computing regions with real-time updates and failure handling

Ease Of Use And Zero Down Time Operations

  • Setup in minutes in cloud or on-premises environments
  • Perform database maintenance and application upgrades without service interruptions
  • Reduce ongoing DBA operations. Run large deployments with fewer DBA resources, resulting in significant cost savings

Load Balancing

  • Continuent Tungsten increases throughput by automatically and transparently load balancing read operations across multiple slaves
  • Read/Write splitting supported through packet inspection, and explicit port, host and connection string configuration

Improved Performance

  • Continuent Tungsten improves database performance by transparently splitting reads to the slaves and writes to the master, thus reducing the master load
  • Continuent Tungsten can increase transaction replication volume using the intelligent parallel apply feature

Supporting Cloud Operations

  • Deploy Continuent Tungsten clusters in the Amazon cloud with a single command
  • Augment your existing individual or clustered DBMS, in your local data center or a managed hosting facility, with a failover disaster recovery Continuent Tungsten cluster in the Amazon cloud
  • Create multi-site, multi-master Continuent Tungsten clusters reaching over multiple Amazon Regions and Availability Zones

No Migration Deployments

  • Continuent Tungsten works with off-the-shelf MySQL, MySQL Community and Enterprise versions (5.0 to 5.7), MariaDB (5.5 and 10.0) and Percona Server (5.5 to 5.7)
  • Continuent Tungsten does not require any application changes for a default implementation. It may be beneficial to consider application changes to leverage all Continuent Tungsten clustering features