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Webinar Managing Big Data with Percona Server XtraBackup and Tungsten

Thursday, 2/10/11 at 1pm ET/10 am PT Click here to register! Big data is a big problem for growing SaaS businesses and  large web applications.  In this webinar, we'll teach you how to set up  Percona Server, XtraBackup, and Tungsten to manage Terabyte+ databases  and scale to millions of transactions a day.  We'll discuss the latest 

Webinar Move Your Data In Real-time From MySQL To PostgreSQL And Greenplum

Countless petabytes of data are sitting in MySQL database where they are perfectly useless for PostgreSQL users. Fortunately there is a solution: Tungsten Replicator can move data from MySQL to PostgreSQL and Greenplum, and in real time, too.In this webcast we'll describe how to design cross-database replication, then set it up using Tungsten

On-demand Webinars - A convenient way to learn about our expert consulting and software solutions

Because business never stops, you need a convenient and cost-effective way to access information about our expert consulting and software solutions. Our on-demand webcasts bring you and our database experts together to access information about support services, products, technologies, best practices and more. These are recorded replays of our

Webinar Implementing Zero-Downtime MySQL Upgrades

Database migrations are one of the primary sources of planned outages in mission-critical web app deployments for businesses ranging from SaaS to social networking and enterprises. In this webinar, we show how to achieve MySQL administration nirvana with Tungsten: Maintain hardware, Migrate to new database versions, and Upgrade SQL schema, all

Zoom Zoom Zoom MySQL Parallel Replication with Tungsten Replicator 20 - On Demand Webcast

MySQL database performance has increased remarkably thanks to recent hardware and software improvements. While this is great news for transaction throughput, single-threaded MySQL replication is looking increasingly creaky with wasted resources and severe slave lag to boot. Join us for this introduction to Tungsten parallel replication and learn