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Giuseppe Maxia - OReilly MySQL Community Contributor of the Year 2011

Congratulations to Giuseppe for winning O'Reilly MySQL Community Contributor of the Year 2011! Watch awards on YouTube.

Continuent Tungsten Wins MySQL Application Of The Year

O'Reilly MySQL Application of the Year 2011 This award is given typically to an application that uses MySQL, but could also be a useful utility or other "associated" software. ("Application" naturally counts websites too.) awards on YouTube.

New On-Demand Webinar Build Your Own Database-as-a-Service

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) is the latest trend in DBMS management. Amazon has RDS, Salesforce has Now you can build your own DBaaS using Tungsten! Continuent’s Tungsten Enterprise helps users build ‘black box’ database services consisting of multiple MySQL servers with automatic provisioning of database servers,

Fault Tolerant MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases with Tungsten - New On-Demand Webcast

Databases are the heart of applications. It is a disaster when a problem takes down the database, as your applications can no longer function. Continuent's Tungsten Enterprise gives you advanced technology to make open source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL fault tolerant against a wide range of common failures.In this webinar we cover the

Getting Started with Tungsten Replicator - New On-Demand Webcast

Tungsten Replicator is a powerful replication tool, designed to replace and enhance MySQL native replication. In addition to moving data between MySQL servers, Tungsten Replicator also provides more powerful features, such as centralized replication administration tools, global transaction IDs, multiple masters, parallel replication. With such