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New Tungsten Software Releases for MySQL and PostgreSQL

I would like to announce a couple of new Tungsten versions available for your database clustering enjoyment.  As most readers of this blog are aware, Tungsten allows users to create highly available data services that include replicated copies, distributed management, and application connectivity using unaltered open source

Customized Data Movement with Tungsten Replicator Pipelines

Have you ever run into a problem where MySQL replication did 95% of what you needed but not the remaining 5% to solve a real problem?  Hacking the binlog is always a possibility, but it typically looks like this example.  Not a pretty sight.  Wouldn't it be easier if replication were

MySQL Conference Slides and Thoughts on State of the Dolphin

I did two talks on replication and clustering at the recent MySQL Conference in Santa Clara.  Thanks to all of you who attended as well as the fine O'Reilly folks who organized everything.  Slides are posted on the talk descriptions at the following URLs: 

MySQL Disaster Recovery With Tungsten

Disaster recovery (DR) is not the first thing most DBAs think of when putting up a new database application.   However, it's one of the top issues for people using the data--what happens if the site goes down and everything disappears?   So even if DR is not the first issue in every deployment, it is a very high priority as

Parallel Replication on MySQL Report from the Trenches

Single-threaded apply is one of the big downsides of MySQL's built-in replication, as
Baron Schwartz pointed out a couple of days ago.  While a master can process dozens of updates at once, slaves must apply them one after the