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Its All about the Team

Earlier this week Giuseppe Maxia blogged about joining Continuent as Director of QA.  Creating high quality systems for distributed data management is a hard but fascinating problem.  I have been hooked on it myself for many years. 

Interested in Sponsoring Tungsten Open Source Features

Over the last few months I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people using open source builds of Tungsten.  My company, Continuent, has therefore started to offer support for open source users and will likely expand these services to meet demand.

There have also been a number of requests to add specific features to

Fixing Replication with Replication

A couple of days ago I ran into a Tungsten Replicator case where several MySQL tables became corrupted on slaves and needed to be restored from the master.   We identified the tables that had problems fairly quickly using Tungsten Replicator's consistency checks.  However, that led to another problem:  how to restore the slave

Tungsten Replicator Overview Webinar

On Thursday January 27th at 10am PST I will doing a webinar on Tungsten Replicator together with my colleague Giuseppe Maxia.  The title is "What MySQL Replication Cannot Do.  And How to Get Around It." 

Virtual IP Addresses and Their Discontents for Database Availability

Virtual IP addresses or VIPs are commonly used to enable database high availability.   A standard failover design uses an active/passive DBMS server pair connected by replication and watched by a cluster manager.  The active database listens on a virtual IP address; applications use it for database connections