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Understanding Tungsten Replication Services

If you follow Giuseppe Maxia's Datacharmer blog you have seen several recent articles on Tungsten Replicator.  Giuseppe and I work closely together on replication at Continuent, and I have promised a matching set of articles

Tuning Tungsten Parallel Replication Performance

Last month my colleague Giuseppe Maxia described how to operate Tungsten parallel replication. Since then we have been doing a good bit of benchmarking on both synthetic as well as real production loads. In

Is Apple Good for Innovation

Just about everyone on the planet agrees that Apple products are the soul of innovative design.  But are they good for innovators?  For me the answer is "not so much."

I have been using Apple laptops and iPhones for years.  As a software developer, I have a list of annoyances with Mac OS X starting with Apple's

Parallel Replication Using Shards Is the Only Workable Approach for SQL

There have been a couple of recent blog articles (here and here) asking for parallel replication based on something other than schemas.  These

Slouching towards Multi-Master Conflict Resolution

This title is not nearly as snappy as Yeats' line from "The Second Coming," but it will have to do.  Conflict resolution has been a holy grail for us on Tungsten--we had people asking for it when MySQL was still MySQL AB, lo these many years ago.   Well, it's finally starting