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Continuent Predicts Top Enterprise Opportunities and Challenges for 2006

Database High Availability Experts Cite Five Key Areas for Growth

EMERYVILLE, Calif. – December 20, 2005 – Continuent, the leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database high availability, today released its top five predictions for 2006, including the challenges and opportunities enterprises can expect to face in the New Year.

Continuent’s five predictions for 2006 are:

  • “Web 2.0 is Always On” – Database management is a core competency of Web 2.0 companies; nearly every significant Internet application to date has been backed by a specialized database.  In this on-demand marketplace, companies must be able to receive, process and access information at all times to remain competitive.  In 2006, being “always on” will be the critical difference between a thriving business and one that is facing severe difficulties.
  • Enterprises Accept Open Source Beyond Linux – Despite the fear, doubt and uncertainty that has plagued open source from being readily adopted by large enterprises, the market will recognize open source as a reliable choice.  Industries likely to see increased migration to open source platforms include telecom, online retail and financial services.  Additionally, a growing number of companies will develop their own projects and portals dedicated to the continued development of open source-based solutions.
  • Market Consolidation – Recognizing the threat open source poses to proprietary companies, the open source market will see continuous activity around mergers and acquisitions.  Large technology conglomerates, in particular, will go after established and well-known open source players to diminish the competition and build their own open source offerings and footprints.  Companies like IBM, which has an appetite for open source, and Oracle, which was on an acquisition binge in 2005, could be strong candidates for this in 2006.
  • Virtualization – As virtualization improves, more businesses will shift to this technology to maximize the performance of their current infrastructures and reduce complexity.  Database virtualization technology, for example, will pick up steam as more companies shift toward mixed database environments or seek to leverage their legacy databases rather than replace them with expensive, new systems.
  • Open Source IPOs – A new wave of open source companies will seek to go or become public in 2006 due to the large and untapped growth opportunity inherent in the open source industry.  This kind of growth has been exhausted in other – mostly proprietary – technologies, which have matured.

“Our product development and sales teams know firsthand the pain points of today’s businesses and the technology solutions needed for them to operate successfully,” said Eero Teerikorpi, CEO of Continuent.  “We’re in the field every day and feel strongly about our predictions regarding the key areas of enterprise growth.”

Continuent is the leader in database middleware for ensuring high availability and scalability for enterprise applications.  Continuent delivers these services through an open-source based database virtualization technology.  Continuent abstracts databases – whether commercial or open source – and presents them as a virtualized database to an application.  This technology is the key to enabling Continuent to support any type of environment, whether homogenous or heterogeneous.  The result is seamless fail-over capabilities with vertical and horizontal scalability and load balancing that are completely transparent to the application layer.


About Continuent

Continuent ensures business continuity for the enterprise.  With flexible solutions that deliver data availability and scalability, Continuent guarantees customers’ peace of mind and lets them focus on running a successful business.  Continuent’s industry breakthrough middleware works with all major databases.  Through the use of database virtualization technology, Continuent solutions even support heterogeneous database environments.  Continuent products are compatible with a wide variety of hardware, operating systems and application environments.  Continuent is headquartered in Emeryville, CA, with research labs in France and Finland.  For more information, please visit


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