Press Releases

Press releases

Continuent Tungsten Replicator Is Now 100% Open Source

New Tungsten Replicator Version 2.1 adds new features, opens up replication between MySQL and Oracle databases, and offers replication from Oracle to Oracle databases

Continuent Announces Tungsten Enterprise 1.5 for Multi-Master, Multi-Region MySQL Data Services in the Amazon EC2


Deploy Continuent Tungsten cluster in the Amazon EC2 or other clouds, managed hosting facilities or in your own data center to obtain highly available MySQL data services with redundant data storage and servers

Continuent Partners With ForLinux In UK


ForLinux Limited has joined the Continuent Partner Program. ForLinux becomes Continuent's partner in the UK and Ireland for Tungsten Enterprise.

Continuent Partners With VNC To Collaborate in German Speaking Countries


Virtual Network Consult GmbH (VNC) has joined the Continuent Partner Program. VNC becomes Continuent's partner in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for Tungsten Enterprise.

Continuent Announces Supported MySQL-To-Oracle Replication With Tungsten Replicator


Customers can now sign up for a cost-effective engagement from a Continuent replication expert to help install, configure and test replication from MySQL to Oracle using Tungsten Replicator.