Press Releases

Press releases

Continuent Launches Open Source Replication Solution for Oracle

Continuent Tungsten Brings a Proven Open Source Scale-out Model to Oracle Market

Continuent’s Tungsten Stack Gives MySQL Better Replication

Continuent Responds to Monty Widenius’ Challenge and Provides Advanced Master-Slave Replication to Scale-out MySQL Applications

Continuent Launches Tungsten Database Scale-out Stack

New Open Source Project Uses Multiple Copies of Data to Scale Database Solutions for High Availability and Performance Boost

Continuent Joins Intel® Certified Solutions Program

Continuent, Inc., a leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database replication and scale-out, today announced it has been selected to join the Intel® Certified Solutions Program.

Continuent Joins Red Hat Exchange

Program Focuses On Helping The Open Source Ecosystem Grow Sustainable Businesses By Implementing A Community-Leveraged Model